Tea (I'm in Love with Your Essence)

It’s a Long Road but soon it Ends.
Plenty of Time to Smooth out the Bends
and make it alright after a Hard Night’s Fight.
I’m in Love with Your Essence.

A Cup of Tea should Soothe the Beast
and make it Friends with my Poet’s Feast.
I’m Alone in the Wild Wood
Laughing Out Loud.
I’m In Love with Your Essence.

Each Leaf’s a Page from The Book of Story
Tumbling, Unfurling in Epic Glory.
Memories Steam and Curl ‘round our Faces.
Ecstasy Blooms when All Word Erases.

So Innocent again - (Hallelujah)
So Deep again - (Hallelujah)
So Sweet Again - (Hallelujah)

Answer me soon, I Love Your Essence
Your Everything - Even Your S’s.
My Mind’s on Fire - My Fingers are Looms.
We’re just Burning from Cradle to Tomb.

I Weave a Song for You - (Hallelujah)
I Drink the Tea of You - (Hallelujah)
Across the Sea - (Across the Sea)
Come be with me on the Sea of Tea.