Sound & LIght Touchless Wellness

Profound Relaxation, Stress Relief & Rejuvenation

Using Color, Sound, and Sacred Geometry

Inspiration for your own Deep Healing Journey

~ By phone or Zoom = Touchless Wellness ~

* I am not a medical doctor and do not provide medical advise. I use sound, color, and shapes for creating experiences. This does not replace the care and advice from your medical team. *

Just the Sound Cocoon, Please!
  • Just the Sound Cocoon, Please!
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Perfect for those who just want to rest in an Overtone Sound Bath. As you lie down at home, a sound bath of chimes, a Kotamo, the Monochorde Table and Large Overtone Tubes will be played for you to address where you are at and to aim at relaxation, inner awareness, and upliftment.

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I met Carolyn less than two months ago, but she had a very positive impact on my life. I think she is a very gifted person. My daughter started taking ukulele lessons from her and I discovered that she also helps heal pain with music and colored lights. My relief was instant and I even felt better the next day. I highly recommend her services either for learning an instrument or treating any kind of pain.”

— Shira M.

Carolyn's facial using sound and other amazing products was a treat to the senses. I felt beautiful inside and out afterwards and highly recommend this procedure to anyone seeking to look more youthful and healthy without extreme measures that can be costly and not as natural looking. I look forward to my next facial in an atmosphere of peace and joy!”

— Rozanna W