Tea (I'm in Love with Your Essence) 
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It’s a Long Road but soon it Ends.

Plenty of Time to Smooth out the Bends

and make it alright after a Hard Night’s Fight.

I’m in Love with Your Essence.


A Cup of Tea should Soothe the Beast

and make it Friends with my Poet’s Feast.

I’m Alone in the Wild Wood - Laughing Out Loud.

I’m In Love with Your Essence.


Each Leaf’s a Page from The Book of Story

Tumbling, Unfurling in Epic Glory.

Memories Steam and Curl ‘round our Faces.

Ecstasy Blooms when All Word Erases.


So Innocent again - (Hallelujah)

So Deep again - (Hallelujah)

So Sweet Again - (Hallelujah)


Answer me soon, I Love Your Essence

Your Everything - Even Your S’s.

My Mind’s on Fire - My Fingers are Looms.

We’re just Burning from Cradle to Tomb.


I Weave a Song for You - (Hallelujah)

I Drink the Tea of You - (Hallelujah)

Across the Sea - (Across the Sea)

Come be with me on the Sea of Tea.