Coming from a large extended family with deep roots in Hawai'i, I was surrounded by Hawaiian lūʻau music, Portuguese kachi-kachi dancing, Japanese Bon dances, handsome local guys singing and playing their guitars and my aunties strumming their ukes and singing old songs.

I reveled in walking alone in Nature or playing piano and singing in empty, stain-glassed churches - just wailing in the dark, colored light!



I came to New York City and entered into a journey of playing at a Washington Heights gospel church, living in a building filled with musicians, studying music and healing, singing at the drop of a hat and writing songs as I wandered all over Manhattan.

While practicing the graceful and potent combination of voice, sound, and color, I create songs with a pilgrim's heart and provide healing sanctuary space for people to experience freedom, quiet, and the unfolding of their own soul song.

I still love walking in Nature and can be found traveling, singing the most beautiful songs I love, performing my songs, teaching, and joyfully giving sound & color healing sessions. It's been a journey!


"There are only a few things that can touch you like a good song. Carolyn Ota writes good songs." - Jochen Vogel, Germany

"Carolyn is one of the best singer/ songwriters I've come across in a very long time and puts her heart in every song. She's amazing." - Russ Richter, Vermont

"Ever notice how a warm, gentle rain can calm the heart, still the soul and wash everything clean? So it is with the music of Carolyn Ota." - Asian Talent Online


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